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Jodoshu Kameokazan Hokokuji
Hokokuji is a Jodoshu buddist temple located in Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Hokokuji used be a Shingon Sect temple until 1281. It was converted to the Jodo Sect by Ryochu Shonin, who was a Buddhist missionary in the South Ibaraki area at that time, and who had many devotees. Since the structures in the precincts were destroyed by fires caused by frequent wars, the main hall was rebuilt in the era of the 15th priest, Koyo Shonin. On August 17th of the first year of Keian (1648), the territory expanded and Hokokuji became the first branch temple of Iinuma Gugyoji Temple. Hokokuji also had four branch temples.

Jodo Shu

Buddhist Denomination

Established by Honen Shonin in 1175, Jodo Shu is the first independent school of Pure Land Buddhism in Japan. It follows the development of original Buddhism as taught by Shakyamuni Buddha. Over 800 years since the beginning of Jodo Shu, Honen's teachings still continue to develop and to constitute a part of our daily life.

So-Honzan (The head temple) 

・ Chion-in (Kyoto)

Hondo (Main Hall)

The temple's main hall is called "Hondo". The current main hall was rebuilt in the Keio Period (1865-1867) and was fully renovated in 1995-1997. The kawara tiled rooftop changed to copper sheet roofing during the renovation. The engravings on the bottom edge of the roof are the works of Nuinosuke Goto (1825-unknown)

Kaizando (Multipurpose Hall)

Kaizando is Hokokuji's multipurpose hall and is rented to the public for ceremonial occasions such as funerals, wakes and memorial services. It is equipped with accommodation and a kitchen for overnight use. A wooden statue of Ryochu Shonin is enshrined inside.

Shoro (Bell Tower)

Shoro is the oldest structure in Hokokuji, however it is unknown when it was built. Sadly, the original bell was seized by the government in the Second World War due to shortages of metal. The current bell was made in the 33rd year of Showa (1958). Shoro is open to the public in the Joyanokane service at midnight on New Year's Eve.